Pandemic has been challenging for all, but it has been the most challenging for the fast-food industry. But there were a few chains that caught the opportunity during the pandemic and made a progress. The results of the chains were better than expected. These chains made changes in their drive-thru policy, created new menu items, some stuck to their excellent customer loyalty which made them a more preferable choice, and these efforts made them successful. Fast-food chains, such as McDonald’s, Domino’s, KFC, and many others focused on the affordability of the food, which was the key at the time when consumers felt the need to thrift. 



Macdonald’s in the month of March changed their menus reducing to the items that are most preferred by the customer. Due to this change, Macdonald’s sales increased by 4.6% in the third quarter of last year, ended on September 30, as reported by CNBC. And recently chain also introduced more items and also made celebrity collaborations to keep up with the success. In an interview MacDonald’s CEO said that the chain was able to grow as the company unrivaled drive-thru all across the world, advanced its delivery capabilities along with digital capabilities. 

Taco bell: 

Taco bell achieved success with its improved drive-through services. Taco bell served over 30 million more cars in the third quarter. It completed the order 17 seconds faster than their usual time, hence the sales increased by 3%. 


KFC made changes in its both in-store and drive-thru policies. The chain achieved its success not only for the quality of the chicken they provide but also due to the family saver bucket meals. The in-store sales increased by 9% for the chain. But the drive-thru increased the sales by 60% in the third quarter, as compared to last year. 


Chick-fil-A is an American fast-food chain. It achieved its success as it focused more on its drive-through, mobile ordering, contactless delivery, and also contactless payment options. And, now it has attained third place in the top 50 quick serve American brands. 


Wendy’s is also an American food chain. It increased its sales by 7% in the company’s third quarter. The chain introduced a new breakfast rollout that was recorded to be 7% of all sales. And the company also announces that it plans to expand in India over the next decade with collaboration with its master franchise. 

These few small changes made a whole deal for these companies. These companies were also able to expand due to their absurdity towards sanitation. Not only these brands but also food chains like burger king, chili’s, dominos, and many more gave an impressive response during the pandemic. These chains also gained more customers for their quicker services, especially due to their door-to-door delivery in the initial stages of pandemic and also for the money saver offers during the pandemic. These outlets have provided the services by putting social distancing as their priority.